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Natural grease protects your skin and provides it from getting dry. Natural grease can also function as a wax, reducing the need for hair products.

Starting From €30,50


Try not to wash your hair more than once or twice a week. Use a little shampoo and use a shampoo without sulvates and parabens.

Starting From €29,50

Argan oil

If you treat your hair with argan oil, you protects it from getting dry an damaged. Argan oil shares effects as natural grease. It is therefore recommended to use the argan oil after washing your hair, when most of the natural grease has been washed away.

Starting From €21,95

Ginger shot

End your visit with the Barber Brigade with a refreshing ginger shot!

Starting From €1,50
Special Offer

Wheel of fortune

After your fifth visit you can spin the wheel of fortune